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Classification NCW Engineering NCW Policy
Core Course Tactical Communications Defense Policy
Theory and Application of NCW
Elective Course Specialized Core Course on NCW

ISR Systems

Satellite Networks
Tactical Communication Networking
C4ISR System Engineering

NCW and Military Strategy

Military Strength in Northrast Asia

Military Planning based on NCW
National Security Strategy

Capability-Based Requirement Engineering

M&S Programming

Modeling and Simulation

Weapon Systems Engineering
System of Systems Engineering
Project Management

Enterprise Engineering
Web Based Information Service

Interoperability and Jointness based on Net-Centric

Introduction to Information Assurance

Information Warfare

NCO C2 Theory and Effectiveness Analysis

NCW Seminar

Combined & Joint Operations

Future and NCW

Seminar on Military Strategy

Strategy for Command and Control(C2) based upon Net-Centric

Special Topics on NCW 1,2

Graduate School Course IT related Subjects Policy Related Subjects


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