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The master's degree program for C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) was established at the Graduate School of Information and Communication, Ajou University in November 1998. By offering an interdisciplinary study that combines the commercial IT technology fields of information and communication, information protection and ubiquitous systems.

Through our continuous efforts, we were able to found the C4I/SW Research Center in March 2003. Later, the AJOU-TNRC was founded in November 2006 which is supported by IT Research Center by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Jangwee Research Institute for National Defense in October 2008 upon these foundations. All of these efforts put Ajou University in the top rank in defense technology research.

In the future battlefield of the NCW (Network Centric Warfare) environment, strength of forces must be improved dramatically to meet the requirement and this can be done through the fusion of IT technologies that can embrace all C4ISR-PGM systems and joint tactical strategies. Under the circumstances, Ajou University and the Ministry of National Defense agreed to launch the "Academy-Military Cooperation Training Program" in May 2007 to provide a specialized training program of NCW IT technologies and NCW tactical policies. We expect that the trained experts through the program can successfully respond to the needs of this NCW era. In addition, the university established the Department of NCW in the graduate school in March 2008. As of February 2015, the department has produced 33 doctors, 27 masters, and 72 doctoral candidates. Currently, a total of 46 students are enrolled.

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